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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tool # 1

Voki was interesting and fun to work with.

I am not really sure how to utilize this in the office setting.

Creating a blog was fairly simple to do.


  1. What about taking something that is going on at the school and blogging about that for parents and students. An idea would be calendar events. You could send out the info to parents and tell them that you would be blogging once a week and they could go to the blog address you provide. This would help limit paper usage. Parents who do not have a computer often have smart phones, they can get to your blog that way.
    Different people on the office staff could blog about different things so that you are not overlapping. You could put your blog addresses on the school web page and parents could just go there and click on the blog link and read. It could be almost like a community bulletin board.

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