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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #6

I viewed the following two sites, Cover it Live and Today's Meet.  Cover it Live can be used as an informative tool for counselors to have their students that want to take night school view to get answers to questions that they may have regarding night school.  This will eliminate counselors repeating themselves as they speak with students.  Counselors can have so many students come in each day at a specific time to view the Cover it Live video. 

I also viewed Today's Meet which I can see this tool being utilized by having student log in at a specific time during each day after they have been enrolled to check in with the night school support staff.  At that time they will find out what time they will need to be there for their class as well as obtaining directions to the campus if needed.  Students can also receive their class room information as to where they need to go once they enter the building.  If they have not completed their enrollment form such as initialling next to each requirement as requested they will be informed to report to the office prior to attending their class.  Having the students meet using this tool allows the office to get them checked in and forward their information to the correct teacher.

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  1. Great tools. I hope that you will be able to use them. They are fun and easy.