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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #8

I reviewed the information regarding all of the new devices that will be available for students to utilize as a learning device in the classroom.  I like the fact that the teachers will be the manager as to what content is on the devices.  I am assuming students will not have the capabilities to download anything to the devices.  This is a process completed by the teachers.  I also think that teachers will enjoy the fact that they can download directly from the device without having to sync the device to their laptops.  Regarding class room management, I find it to be a great idea to establish some classroom rules when using these devices as far as the proper handling and usage.  I feel it is necessary to have only one person per class period that is responsible for removing the devices for use during class time. It will be interesting.

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  1. Great comments. You are almost finished. Just a few more. Don't forget the test at the end on Atomic Learning.